Before the Bigs Review


“Irresistible hooks and undeniable grooves that are as smart and sophisticated as they are silly good-time fun. In other words, Lady Gaga, watch out!"
- Jim Derogatis, Chicago Sun-Times
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"One of the best new artists I've heard in a long-ass time...Jesse has a rare voice and a distinct sound that you can't help but fall in love with."
- Collegecandy.com
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"...extraordinarily talented singer Jesse Palter definitely leads by belting out soulful melodies over member Sam Barsh’s equally as talented piano riffs and backing tracks. Both members are trained musicians, and the talent shows on their jazz infused pop tracks...."
-earbits.com Online Radio Blog
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"...Jesse Palter, winner of every vocal prize according to Rosen; her impassive demeanor complemented warm freshness of tone, perfect pitch and supercharged Schoenbergian scatting -- when she chose blue notes, she knew exactly what and why...."nick rosen at metaljazz.com read more

"[Palter] has the all natural combination of an amazing voice, she writes her own music...she has organically built a loyal following that has aggressively sought out more exposure for her through every medium"
- Billy Dec, A Chicago Thing
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... listening to Palter jamming downstairs, and man, she really is a good singer. A good musician.
-Lost In Bonkers blog
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Both on the EP, and live, Jesse Palter & The Alter Ego are incredibly solid. The music draws you in, and makes you realize how good they are at connecting real-life situations into great music that you can relate to. And even if you don't want to relate to anything, its great music anyway. The musical theories are present - for the music
geeks, the physical energy is there - for the depressed to be uplifted, and the overall message is DAMN strong (even for the intelligence-impaired). Destined for greatness. -Mike Jellick

"Jesse Palter and The Alter Ego Are On Fire!"...read more listener reviews of the EP

"As a vocalist,Jesse Palter evokes the great (and recently departed) Anita O'Day."
-Charles Latimer, MetroTimes
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Jesse Palter and The Alter Ego win Kyra Kyle's Track Off Competition. read more

"Sam Barsh carries the weight of several traditions, yet he always tries to make this combination sound anything but heavy. Though schooled in jazz, the keyboard player not
only has a penchant for short, tight instrumental fare, but also for looking beyond the beaten path to attract listeners.
-Eric Fine, Downbeat
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